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Adriatic Driver Service Srl is a leader in the rental car with a driver. Born to meet every need of mobility, The company is at the service of wide range of customers, from individuals, professionals from small, medium and large businesses, to Italian and international cuisine. The cars cover all market segments.

The Adriatic Driver Service srl represents a point of reference for passenger traffic. Guarantees high quality services with efficiency and professionalism.

Our Skills


Evidenced by the long preparation of our employees and supported by the constant satisfaction of our customers.


All the services are carried out with super cars equipped to ensure maximum comfort to the passengers during their shifts short and long distances.

Availability H24

The service is active 24 hours a day is useful in case of emergency or to schedule a transfer from one point to another of Italy, from ports, railway stations, airports, places of leisure vacation or any kind.


The drivers are all serious professionals, they have a certificate of professional competence, and recognized the role. Upon request, the driver may be multilingual.